Above left is our senior pair of Great Pyrenees, Samson and Delilah. Here are some of their puppies.
    The center photo is our second generation of Great Pyrenees, Maybelline and Zeus. Zeus is the son of Samson and Delilah. Here are photos of Maybelline and Zeus' first litter of puppies, and here are the latest puppies, born April 13, 2014.
    The photo at the right are three of our miniatures, Popeye, Angel and Jasmine enjoying grazing in the late afternoon sun. View other photos of Popeye, Angel, Jasmine, Poppy and Penny.
    Beau Leo joined our stables when Angel delivered the healthy colt on August 26, 2012.
    Justin joined our farm in 2013. He is a little gentleman of a stallion, and Penny's sire.
IIn 2014 we rescued Shadow and Star, and recently found a new loving home for Shadow.
    Moonshine and Promise, two full-sized mares, also grace our farm.
    Here are photos of our barn "security" crew. and our senior "watch dog," Eleanor - nothing gets past her without everyone knowing it.

Letters From Harry


    One of Maybelline's first puppies chronicles his life with his new family. Here's Harry's story.

Here's Harry's sibblings and their happy families.


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Palm Sunday Puppies

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Maybelline & Zeus' 8 puppies are finding new homes fast. See their Happy Families.
Only three are left. See their latest photos,

Jasmine and Poppy present their fillies.

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Samson & Delilah
Maybelline and Zeus
Popeye, Jasmine and Angel at Sundown